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The Dennis Family | Utah Family Photographer

A few weeks ago, my brother Jacob came into town,
and my whole family got together for family portraits! 
It was a very crazy shoot for me! 
Imagine trying to squeeze in like 7 family shoots - all into one!   
Whew!  I was worn out by the end of the night!
I sure do love these people - My heart is full of gratitude to have my Dad here with us still,
as the head of this amazing family!  An old proverb says "In time of Test, Family is Best." 
- and we sure learned that very thing this past summer during our crisis with our Dad. 
Family, to us, means wrapping our arms around each other and being there. 
I am so lucky to be part of it!

Thank you to my awesome photog sis in law Brooke for taking my family ones!
What a s{hoot}!

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~adelle said...

That is a good looking family! Do you think that Cord's hair looks funny??? :) It is mixed in with the leaves and so it looks spikey.

What a SHOOT! I am impressed that everyone got a good shot. 15 minute mini-shoots. Mabye you should market that. Or NOT>